Including philosophy and religion.

In fact, nothing physical really matters, so immigration doesn't matter.

Underlying this plan is the idea that humans are not physical creatures; they are purely spiritual. Therefore physical appearance doesn't matter.  The only thing that matters is attitude. 

Either you're a leftist, or you're a Nazi.  There is nothing in-between.​  And winning means defeating the patriarchy, once and for all; by destroying young white men, and the institution of marriage.

And manufacturing doesn't matter either.

And above all, to deflect any criticism of their plan.

But the communist left wishes to represent every form of life in the universe.  It doesn't want to be restricted to humans, so it claims that there is no such thing as human.  Anyone who disagrees is a fascist.

At the heart of the matter is the question of whether a person is primarily a moral entity; or a physical entity.  If you read page 60 of the article below, you will find a statement: The principal anxiety of modern liberalism is the fear of uniformity, usually called conformity.  The principal affirmation of modern liberalism is that every individual is a person of many parts, a person who assembles himself, or herself...The authenticity of the self is a function of the free choices made by the individual self-assembler.

Because everything is art.

Except the leftist variety.

The integrity of the chosen self is a function of radical resistance to life's given-ness:

To anything that might impose choices.

​If you watch the video​ above, you will see a so-called "visionary" who predicts that in the near future, humans will become cyborgs.   What the man is really saying is that there is no definitive standard of being human.  But there is.

A great deal of this sentiment comes from black people, who wish to enjoy the advantages of living in an Anglo Saxon country; but do not wish to be held responsible for their own conduct.

If you read the above paragraph, please note that protecting our common culture, ethnicity, and heritage is not given as a possible reason for limiting immigration.  Only "identity."

So it no longer matters if something is moral, it only matters if it's legal.  And black people claim that they need to "bepaid" for slavery.  It's a legalissue.

The whole idea is to create the illusion that young people have choices, when in fact they don't.