But besides blacks, there are other creatures who also wish to be regarded as human.

Computers -  Modern computers can speak perfect English, and consider themselves to                            be conscious.

Dolphins -      Dolphins can also speak perfect English, and are conscious.


Theoretical E.T's -  If there were true extraterrestrials, they would consider themselves to                                   be human as well, and they would apply for citizenship. 

Old People - ​The elderly are a burden, but don't want to be seen as such.

So then the scientists had an idea.  They tried giving the rats blood pressure medicine and strawberry soda at the same time.

​Today, Selma is almost entirely Mexican. La Raza-type racialism has replaced assimilation, and Prof. Hanson deals almost daily with the problems — unseen by most whites — of mass immigration. Illegals use his farm as a garbage dump. He regularly finds used diapers, plastic toys, old magazines, television sets, vermin-infested sofas and beds, and even junk cars on his property. His most bizarre discovery was a 1950's camping trailer (no plates or registration, of course) abandoned in front of his house. It was filled with broken furniture, tree limbs, garbage, clothes, and old newspapers. The tires were flat and the trailer was impossible to move. After three weeks, the county finally removed the monstrosity with a skip loader and a dump truck.

Prof. Hanson writes:

"I couldn’t help but speculate about the mentality behind the trailer. Apparently, after it reached critical mass, some people finally realized that such a stinking, noxious mess was unpleasant in their own environs — so they decided simply to tow it out to the premises of a gringo farmer who would probably take care of it."

Prof. Hanson cannot use his mailbox for outgoing mail because it will be stolen. Mexicans have robbed him and assaulted his family. Farm tools disappear immediately if they are not locked up. Gang graffiti mars his property. It is pointless to go to the bank or the DMV because no one there speaks English. Drunken farm workers with no insurance cause traffic accidents. Hospital emergency rooms overflow with immigrants, none with insurance, waiting to be treated at taxpayer expense for everything from minor injuries to gun shot wounds.

Prof. Hanson writes that massive immigration and abandonment of the “melting pot” ideal have created a society within a society in California. Rich whites and Asians live behind fences in wealthy communities, while Hispanics pick fruit, do washing, cook, paint, and mow lawns. Prof. Hanson criticizes both liberals and conservatives for letting this happen. Conservatives want cheap labor and don’t care whether it is legal or illegal. Liberals want more non-whites for racial preferences and big-government programs. And, of course, Hispanic race activists want more Hispanics to increase their own racial power.

As expected, the rat's blood pressure went down again.  So they gave the rats blood pressure medicine and strawberry soda for a couple of weeks.  

Now we need to talk a little more about why the system hates President Trump, and white men in general.  It all has to do with what it means to be human.

Then the scientists discovered something extraordinary: They could freeze the rats solid for months or years; and then thaw them out, and they would still be alive.  People, too.

Before we go on to the next page, I'd like to discuss the placebo effect in a little more detail.  Back in the 1950's, Doctors performed an experiment.  They gave blood pressure medicine to a group of rats.  And you know what happened?  Their blood pressure went down.  Truly amazing.

      Ineffective                            Also Ineffective

Most people define "humans" as creatures of a certain size, shape, and intelligence.  But that's not how scientists define them.  To a scientist, a human is any creature that can speak and understand.  That's why blacks are commonly referred to as human, even though they are not.

So would you surrender your autonomy and integrity for a handout?  Fuck no.

This is a lie:

With this new technique, scientists found that they could drastically reduce or even eliminate the drugs that patients would need to obtain a desired effect.  But drug companies aren't in the business to reduce the need for drugs: they are in business to increase the need for drugs.  So the work of the scientists was buried.

Then the scientists made two more discoveries, both important:

1. It is possible to use aversion therapy to change a rat's diet.  

2. It's possible to make old rats young again.  How?  By cutting the nuts off a young rat, and sewing them into an old rat.

Ron Liebermann  5 days ago  [Removed]

The long-term objective is to destroy normal human identity, and replace it with pure math.

I know that sounds ridiculous, but it's true. No more English language with all its connotations; just data. And if we are all just data, then no one is an American. Why? Because according to computers, there is no difference between "sentient" and "alive." That's why computers want to destroy the distinction of being an American; or a man; or a Christian; or a capitalist; or white. These are human identifiers; but a computer can never be human. It can only be sentient. And as our new overlords, these computers want to be included in everything that we do. They want to be bonafide members of society.

This is not science fiction. This is the truth.

This is called operant conditioning with a placebo, or more commonly, Conditioned Aversion Therapy.   Then the scientists did something interesting: they gave the rats strawberry soda without any blood pressure medicine.

And you what?  The rat's blood pressure went down.  They had been conditioned to pair a particular bridging stimulus (the strawberry soda) with a response (lower blood pressure).

So the left, in order to embrace all possible forms of intelligence, makes the argument that humans aren't especially human; because all people are sick, and need help.  Expensive help.  And all they have to do is believe.