But there are many people who don't want to see a strong President.  They would do anything to stop him.  Why?  Because of the swamp.  Our government knows that an honest President would make big changes; and they don't want that to happen.  So they do everything within their power to destroy his credibility.  How?  Well, to answer that question we first need to look at the nature of power, and how fallacies are used to project or limit that power.

It's hard not to love President Trump.  His charisma, his sense of humor, and his genuine desire to improve life for all Americans is laudable.  And behind him there is an army of supporters, but we all wonder: will he be able to do enough in time?

I think that the answer to that question is "Yes."  But only if we embrace and understand the future the same way that the left tries to do.  Until a few years ago, the left considered itself to be the sole arbiter of ideology.  All of the professors were leftist, and so were all of the democrats.  But that's starting to change.  Republicans have realized that the only way to win is to take the fight to the enemy.

What that means is that President Trump can only win, if he is given the ammunition he needs to do the job.  Giving him that help means creating a new kind of journalism; one based on real science and philosophy; not the pablum that the public is spoon fed today.

I was sleeping in my bed when a water glass on my dresser started vibrating just a little, I could hear the tinkling.  So I sat up, and looked out the window.  Outside, flocks of birds ominously started flying away, and I could hear a coyote howling in the distance.  A long, deep, bellow emerged from the earth, and then my cabin started to rock.

At first, things started to fall off the table in my room, but suddenly there was an explosion, and my house burst loose from it's foundations!  I jumped through the open window into the yard, but huge cracks started to form in the ground and I had to leap over them to get away.  But I wasn't fast enough, and I fell in.  Hanging by my bare fingers, I screamed for help, and suddenly, Lady arrived.  I didn't know it, but our Cocker Spaniel was highly trained in special operations.  With an expert bite, she sank her teeth into my hand and pulled me out of the crevice.  I was bleeding a lot, so she administered doggy first aid.

The ground was still shaking, and I wanted to smoke a cigarette, but they were still in my room.  So I decided to risk it, and stumbled through the open doorway.  At that instant, the roof caved in.  I was nearly crushed by the falling debris, but I managed to get my smokes.  As I sat there pondering my ruined home, I realized that there was an opening in the floor.  The earthquake had exposed a tunnel.

So I grabbed by flashlight and a snack, and went down into the labyrinth.   It was a long staircase, with skulls and lit torches on the walls.  There were portraits on the wall of Gloria Steinem and Oprah Winfrey.   Anyway, as I descended down the stairs, I could hear maniacal laughter softly emerging from a wooden doorway.  So I knocked on the door, and a huge ogre answered.  "What do you want?" he asked.  "Well, nothing really." I said because actually I have never met an ogre before.  But then I thought about it.  "You know." I continued  "I could use some dinner; all this running around has made me kind of hungry."  The huge scaly beast looked at me askance.  "Dinner?!" it bellowed, "Do you think that we run a bloody kitchen?!"  "Well", I replied, this is a stronghold of evil, isn't it?"  "Well, yes of course it is." the ogre conceded.  "But we usually eat people, not feed them."

That cheered me up a little.  "Have you cooked anyone today?" I asked.  Apparently this was a subject that warmed the ogres heart, because he answered with tremendous enthusiasm.  "Oh Yes!" he replied.  We just finished roasting a lesbian.  We love lesbians."  Just then I did some quick thinking.  "Oh well, they can't be that good." I said.  "In fact, I've heard that lesbians are tough and stringy."  "Bah!" responded the ogre.  "I'll give you some, and you can decide for yourself."  My ruse was working.

The ogre led me down a another dark tunnel into a cavern, where a lesbian was being slowly roasted over an open fire.  She smelled delicious, but I didn't say anything.  The ogre went over and gave her an appreciative poke in the ribs as she revolved slowly on an iron pole.  "Help!!" she cried, her Che Guerra hat askew, and smoking hot.  "They're going to eat me!"  "There's not much I can do." I replied, hands in my pockets.  "I'm just a customer.  I mean, an observer."  Then, as she rotated slowly in space, she started speaking.  "Within sociology, the feminist strategy of putting women at the center of knowledge has yielded valuable new insights and re-directions of inquiry but the results are contradictory because sociology is not as gender-sensitive as anthropology nor as dramatically male centered as history or literature."  

The nasal whine of her voice pierced the silence of the cavern, and gave the ogre and me a big headache.  "Silence!" he shouted, as the sweaty girl drew her breath for another round.  "In addition." she added, "all women must see the world through the structural and symbolic dimensions of unfair gender relations.....It's all so unfair." she lamented, as the skin on her tummy began to turn a delicious golden brown.  "That's it." the ogre said.  I can't take it anymore."  With that, he chopped-off her head, and put it on the ground where Lady could have a sniff.  She took a tentative pull on one of the ears.

Then the ogre turned to me and said "What part do you want?"  I looked at the lesbian and had to admit that all of her really looked delicious.  But I didn't want to seem greedy, so I said "Just an arm would be fine."  "Consider it done." said the ogre, and minutes later I was happily chomping away on a lesbian wrist, medium rare, Au juice.   The ogre sat at the table and watched me with considerable satisfaction.  "Tough and stringy?" he asked.  "No, quite the opposite, I replied.  Why are they so good?  "Well." said the ogre, it all depends on where they went to University.  The best tasting lesbians come from Harvard, where they drink ethically sourced wheat-grass smoothies, and learn how to do lunges in the gym.  Builds up the muscles, you know."  "But the worst tasting come from Oxford. It's the daily doses of bitterness, I think." 

At that point Lady and I were just about finished eating, and I thanked the Ogre for his hospitality.  "He gave me a great hug and said "Think nothing of it!".  "Is there anything I can do for you?  I asked.  "Well" he said, Now that you mention it, we could use a little fresh meat; as it were."  "No problem." I replied.  "I go to school at Berkeley University, and we have a brand new black Director of Diversity,  "Sorry." said the Ogre. "But we don't take blacks, they complain too much, and besides, they taste like Zebra."  "Well then, how about Ying Ma, our new Director of Safe Spaces? As far as I can tell, she lives on rice and orchid petals.  And she hates white men.  "Now you're talking! replied the Ogre.  But how can you get her here?"  "Oh that's easy." I answered.  "I'll tell her that you're having a rave party, and that the Indigo Girls and T.A.T.U. will be playing all night, along with Elton John.  Gooks love that stuff.

And with that, Lady and I headed back toward the surface, and the grim reality of Wonder Woman incorporated.

What the government (which is a collection of special interest groups is trying to do is undermine the President's legitimate authority through a carefully crafted campaign of character assassination.  Let's look​ β€‹at a few examples:

So now, let's examine lesbians in a little more detail.

It's pretty clear that a lot of people hate the President.  But who?    That's easy;  government employees, lesbians, homosexuals, feminists, Gooks, Blacks, and communists.  And they call claim to be motivated by love.